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About Us

Why NIDEK Challenges

Invisible to Visible
The dream and goal of NIDEK.

Creating technology that contributes to the field of ophthalmology. This was the reason NIDEK was established in 1971.

This company philosophy is supported by our wish "Invisible to Visible."

Development of visual prostheses symbolizes the dream and goal that NIDEK has had since its foundation.
The idea of an artificial eye itself has a long history. At the time the company was established in 1971, there was not
much medical knowledge related to vision. No one had any idea on how to shape the idea.

The situation underwent a huge change in the 1990s. With the dramatic development in electronics technology, miniaturization of electronics with enhanced functions were introduced into many medical devices as well. In addition to the conventional surgical and diagnostic devices, corporations and researchers began looking into the development of implant‒type medical devices. Along this line, many new testing and analysis techniques have been developed in the fields of biology and medicine. This led to a significant increase in knowledge about vision.

With this, NIDEK decided it was finally time to begin its R&D of visual prostheses, and in 2001, R&D commenced to make the long‒time dream to come true.

Advancement in electronics technology

Innovation by Japan

NIDEK's research and development of visual prostheses is the first among Japanese companies and we continue to be the only one in Japan conducting R&D.

Why is NIDEK the only one in Japan? The reason lies in the lack of clear roadmap that can be forecasted from existing and potential future technologies. Much of the development process should be built from scratch.

There is a possibility that current technical issues may be resolved quickly through scientific discovery. On the other hand, we may face more unexpected challenges during the development process. But NIDEK is a company that thinks the bigger the challenge, the more interesting it is. There is a big chance in the field that no one dares to explore. This is NIDEK's traditional spirit of KIGAI, an enterprising attitude to perform and accept challenges. The development of a visual prosthesis, which has been our dream since company's foundation, would show us a new world. We have strong ties with many joint researchers who are willing to face the challenge of venturing into worldwide competition. Our spirit for Japanese‒made innovation will motivate us to face challenges today and tomorrow.

NIDEK Artificial Vision Project Leaders:
Former president Hideo Ozawa (left) and current president Motoki Ozawa