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Event 2017

FLOREtina 2017

FLOREtina 2017 has ended in a great success.
Thank you for your visit.

NIDEK will showcase our innovative products at FLOREtina 2017 in Florence, Italy.
We cordially invite you to visit our booth and evaluate these exceptional devices.

During FLOREtina 2017, NIDEK will host a Lunch Symposium.
Please find out more in the Lunch Symposium section below.

General Information

FLOREtina 2017

DateApril 27 - 30, 2017
VenueFlorence, Italy
Nidek Booth13, 14


Cornea & Cataract

Optical Biometer AL-Scan
AL-Scan Viewer for NAVIS-EX
Specular Microscope CEM-530
CEM Viewer for NAVIS-EX
Refractive Power / Corneal Analyzer OPD-Scan III
・Comprehensive Visual Analysis Software IOL-Station

Retina & Glaucoma

Optical Coherence Tomography RS-3000 Advance
OCT Angiography for RS-3000 Advance AngioScan
Microperimeter MP-3


Auto Ref/Kerato/Tono/Pachymeter TONOREF™lll

Lunch Symposium

"New Views on the Retina with Multimodal Imaging: Correlating Structure, Function and Retinal Sensitivity"

Please see the PDF for detailed information. (PDF/819KB)

DATE April 29 (Sat)
TIME 13:00-14:00
VENUE Adua 3
MODERETOR Steven D. Schwartz, MD
SPEAKERS Steven D. Schwartz, MD
Jules Stein Eye Institute - UCLA, USA
Unique Features and Clinical Utility of the NIDEK OCT
Daniela Bacherini, MD
Careggi Teaching Hospital, Eye Clinic, University of Florence, Italy
Beyond the Structure: OCT Angiography and Microperimetry in Vitreoretinal Interface Disorders
Manish Nagpal, MS, DO, FRCS(UK)
Retina Foundation & Eye Research Center, India
OCT Angiography: Our experience

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact NIDEK at marketing@nidek.co.jp.
We look forward to seeing you at our booth.