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News 2005

NIDEK Inaugurates New Development and Manufacturing Facility In Padova, Italy


-February 10, 2005 - Padova, Italy -

New R&D and manufacturing facility

NIDEK Technologies SRL, a wholly owned subsidiary of NIDEK Co. Ltd located in Padova, Italy, announced the official inauguration of its new R∓D and manufacturing facility to be held on Monday, February 14 2005. The president & founder of NIDEK, Mr. Hideo Ozawa and other local dignitaries will host the opening ceremonies and festivities at the new facility. The new facilities are located in the suburb of Albignasego, Italy, some 4 km south of the city of Padova. The state-of-the-art facilities were built in circa 2004, as larger facilities were needed for the research and development and manufacturing activities as NIDEK Technologies continued to grow and expand in the European and global markets.。

"This is a great milestone and a pioneering step for NIDEK and its various subsidiaries in a global marketplace," commented Mr. Hideo Ozawa, President and Founder of NIDEK Co. Ltd. "With this new facility, we continue our long-standing focus on developing and commercializing advanced technologies in the visioncare industry. NIDEK Technologies has continued to successful develop and launch products that have revolutionized the visioncare diagnostic industry and in the coming years we will continue to see new products being developed by NIDEK Technologies and its various partnerships with academic and research institutions. We are extremely proud of this milestone and I wish the NIDEK Technologies team great success in the new facilities," added Mr. Hideo Ozawa.

The new facilities will house all the operations, administration offices, sales and marketing, research & development and manufacturing of NIDEK Technologies' advanced visioncare diagnostic products. The facilities will include the production lines of five advanced instruments and various software systems. The new facilities will also employ some forty employees, including R&D Engineering and Technical Staff and the production technicians for the various hardware and software products.

Incorporated within the NIDEK family of companies in 2001, NIDEK Technologies is dedicated to the design and develop of innovative and technologically advanced instrumentation and software systems for ophthalmic diagnostics. The Padova Italy operations also serve as the sales and marketing base for the company's operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa. The core focus and mission of NIDEK Technologies is to commercialize advanced research and development of innovative, and technologically advanced equipment and instruments for the eye care industry. In its mission, NIDEK Technologies actively collaborates with academic institutions and international research centers for the development and commercialization of know-how and technologies. NIDEK Technologies currently develops and markets NAVIS (NIDEK Advanced Vision Information System), the NIDEK Magellan Corneal Topographer, the highly sophisticated and successful NIDEK MP-1 Micro Perimeter, along with the recently launched SEM - Scanning Endothelial Microscope and the NIDEK CS-4 (Confocal Microscope) for ophthalmic applications. The Confocal Microscope for ophthalmic diagnostics has been NIDEK Technologies' key product and has truly revolutionized the ophthalmic diagnostic industry on a global basis.

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