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News 2005

NIDEK Receives FDA Marketing Clearance For NIDEK MC-300 -Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator



-Fremont, California, April 15, 2005-

NIDEK Inc. a US leader in advanced ophthalmic laser technologies announced today that it received FDA marketing clearance for commercial release of its new MC-300 Multicolor Laser Photocoagulator System. The new laser will continue to establish NIDEK as a comprehensive laser provider for the fast growing retinal laser market. The MC-300 laser system has been commercially available in international markets and has received outstanding reviews and clinical results from retinal specialists in Asia and Europe.

The NIDEK MC-300 is an advanced multi-color (red, yellow and green) diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser system. The new laser delivers three unique laser wavelengths - 659, 561 and 532 nm - ideal for retinal applications, disease treatments and management. The new retinal photocoagulator features advanced software technologies for accurate and precise energy delivery to the retina. In addition, with advanced SOLIC Technology - the new system features digitally controlled instant duty cycles, permitting the laser to be used at rapid speeds and high powers for extended periods of time without failure and energy decay. The MC-300 laser can be mounted for slit-lamp delivery and requires a standard electric outlet, offering retinal surgeons with advanced delivery capabilities and versatility in either an operating room or in-office use.

NIDEK will launch the new MC-300 laser at the American Society For Cataract & Refractive Surgery - ASCRS Annual Meeting in Washington, DC, April 16th - 19th, 2005.

“The NIDEK MC-300 is an outstanding laser for retinal applications, delivering a suite of advanced technologies to the retinal specialist. With the introduction of the MC-300, NIDEK continues its long-standing commitment to delivering advanced solutions for all specialties of ophthalmology, including retinal applications. Together with the MC-300 and other diagnostics and laser solutions, NIDEK continues to forge ahead and build a solid franchise for delivering products and solutions that deliver on superior technology, product reliability, performance and outstanding clinical results, with a focus in the areas of cornea, cataract, glaucoma and retina.” commented Mr. Hideo Ozawa, President & Founder of NIDEK, at a recent product release event.

Mr. Ted Shimomura, Vice-President & General Manager of NIDEK Inc. commented; “The NIDEK MC-300 is an innovative break-through in ophthalmic multi-wavelength laser technology, delivering a solution that retinal specialists have been asking for in the US market for the last few years. Today there is only one other company that delivers a solution that is really not the ideal platform for retinal laser applications; now NIDEK is introducing a solution that is better in clinical results, more reliable, user-friendly and offers newer technology for the retinal specialist. In the months ahead, we look forward to having the MC-300 becoming the de-facto standard for retinal lasers. With new lasers and diagnostic solutions being introduced at this year’s ASCRS Meeting, NIDEK continues to forge ahead and make stronger in-roads into the US ophthalmic laser and diagnostic instrumentation market.”

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