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News 2005

NIDEK - Two Sister Companies Merge to Combine Effortsin U.S. Ophthalmic Industry


-October 13, 2005 - Fremont CA -

NIDEK CO., LTD. announced today that its two wholly NIDEK Technologies America (NTA)and NIDEK Inc. would merge and consolidate business activities in the US market effective April 1st, 2006. NTA with a focus in commercializing advanced ophthalmic diagnostic instrumentation for corneal and retinal applications, will merge with NIDEK’s U.S. sales and marketing organization - NIDEK Inc. This consolidation and merger is being undertaken to further harmonize and harness commercial synergies and solidify NIDEK’s strong and growing business in the U.S. vision care and ophthalmic industry. The company sees this strategic move as a way to further its product marketing and distribution goals and objectives in the United States.

“This is an exciting time for NIDEK’s business operations in the US, as we continue our strong focus on harnessing business and product distribution synergies in the US. ” stated Mr. Hideo Ozawa, President & Founder of NIDEK CO., LTD. “With this merger / operational consolidation we want to focus our efforts on the strong synergies that both NTA and NIDEK Inc. bring to the marketplace. Bringing the two groups together will allow NIDEK to offer one source for its advanced diagnostics and surgical ophthalmic instrumentation to the visioncare professional in the U.S. Additionally, through this consolidation we aim to streamline business operations - sales, marketing, accounting, customer and product service - enabling NIDEK to focus and achieve its short and long-term goals and objectives. Under one business unit, NIDEK Inc. will continue to provide excellent customer service and deliver to the market innovative, technologically advanced products and services, as it has done for close to 25 years,” added Mr. Hideo Ozawa.

“Harnessing synergy is our objective here - by bringing together the two commercial business operations, NIDEK as company will be able to focus on leveraging core competencies of each group and continue to develop and market new and innovative advanced ophthalmic diagnostic instrumentation to the US,” stated Phillip Buscemi, OD, Vice President and General Manager of NIDEK Technologies America. “To our existing and new customers, the business change will be seamless and transparent. We will transfer product marketing, sales, service, and customer support to our sister operation at NIDEK Inc. in Fremont, CA. The goal here is to harness commercial, distribution and operational synergies between the two groups and continue our long standing partnership with our users in the United States”, added Mr. Buscemi.

“As we see our business and company dealings in the U.S. grow, its important that we bring together akin and analogous business operations together and by doing this, we continue to harness synergies and organizational core competencies to continue to deliver products and technologies to our customers in the United States and around the world. At NIDEK we want to focus on key strategic areas -F diagnostic technologies being one of those. By bring NTA and NIDEK Inc. together, we will continue to drive the advancement of technology and enable NIDEK to continue its strong business history in the U.S. and the global ophthalmic and vision care markets. Our end goal here is to continue to deliver products that offer Visionary Performance to our users around the world”, added Mr. Hideo Ozawa.

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