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News 2006

Innovatively Superior Auto Ref/Keratometer ARK-530A/ARK-510A and Auto Refractometer AR-330A/AR-310A Ready for Market


-June 22, 2006 - Gamagori, JAPAN -


NIDEK CO., LTD. today announced the improvement and introduction of the Auto Ref/Keratometer ARK-530A/ARK-510A and Auto Refractometer AR-330A/AR-310A; the "new standard" in ophthalmic and optometric diagnostics with superior precision and intelligent design.

The ARK-530A/ARK-510A and AR-330A/AR-310A provide exceptional measurement accuracy and highly tuned, dependable performance by combining the innovative measuring principle "Pupil Zone Imaging Method" and unique technology "SLD (Super Luminescent Diode)." The Pupil Zone Imaging Method is designed for refraction measurement by analyzing a wider area (maximum 4mm diameter) to obtain more reliable and realistic subjective refraction data. SLD combines a highly sensitive CCD for enhanced image quality and provides sharper, more vivid images than LED. Measurement capability is greatly improved even in eyes with certain opacification such as dense cataracts and IOL implanted eyes. The ARK-530A/510A offers incomparable accuracy and consistency in keratometry measurement through use of a mire ring for enhanced alignment and observation.

Mr. Motoki Ozawa, Vice President, NIDEK Co., LTD stated, "The introduction of the ARK-530A/510A and AR-330A/310A are the achievement of dedicated and innovative product development, and are the 'new standard' in NIDEK's exceptional portfolio of products designed to provide excellent measurement accuracy, versatility and user-friendly features for superior performance and reliability."

In addition, the versatility of ARK-530A/510A and AR-330A/310A offers the widest measurement range (-30D to +25D), and is able to measure small pupils down to 2 mm in diameter, allowing for much wider applications. The auto-alignment and auto-focusing (X, Y & Z directions) features of the ARK-530A and AR-330A permit faster, simpler and more accurate measurements.

With worldwide operations headquartered in Gamagori, Japan, NIDEK is a global leader in eye care products for ophthalmology and optometry. With diversified clinical research and continual innovative development, an array of laser and optical scanning products are accessible that lead the way for improved diagnosis and treatments. The relentless commitment to customer satisfaction means NIDEK will diligently strive to continually exceed expectations.

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