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News 2006

NIDEK Launches the Next Generation in Quality Vision Assessmentwith the OPD-Scan II ARK-10000 for More Advanced Optical Diagnostics


-June 22, 2006 - Gamagori, JAPAN -

OPD-Scan II ARK-10000

NIDEK CO., LTD., a global leader in optical and eye care diagnostic instrumentation, announced today the launch of the next generation in total quality of vision assessment by introducing OPD-Scan II ARK-10000.

The OPD-Scan II offers a complete state-of-the-art quality of vision assessment by combining corneal topography, wavefront, autorefraction, keratometry and pupillometry into one unique, impressive system. Using the principles of skiascopic phase difference, OPD-Scan II accurately assesses and determines refractive error map measurements. Furthermore, the corneal topography function utilizes Placido disc technology to analyze thousands of data points to plot corneal contour, shape and refractive power. By offering a variety of informative data maps, the OPD-Scan II provides detailed information on the total refractive error, wavefront, corneal shape, internal aberrations and overall visual quality of the eye, generating exceedingly accurate and reliable information for optical diagnostics.

Mr. Motoki Ozawa, Vice President of NIDEK stated, "NIDEK continually focuses its R&D efforts on developing and commercializing highly innovative products that provide unrivaled value to users around the world. With the OPD-Scan II ARK-10000, we celebrate our 35th Anniversary by focusing on diversified product offerings and world-class product quality. The OPD-Scan II ARK-10000 offers a suite of user-friendly features, including advanced patient ergonomics, improved processing speed and a product with outstanding accuracy and reliability. We continue to build on our successes from the OPD-Scan to the new OPD-Scan II ARK-10000. The OPD-Scan II ARK-10000 is a perfect pairing to NIDEK's strong, world-class product portfolio in optical finishing and dispensing products, along with NIDEK's unsurpassed vision care diagnostic instrumentation."

The launch of OPD-Scan II ARK-10000 continues to establish NIDEK's dynamic focus on blending together advanced technology and innovation with user-friendly features in contemporary designed instrumentation. One unique new feature added to the OPD-Scan II ARK-10000 is the Corneal Navigator. Utilizing various corneal parameters from topography, the Corneal Navigator automatically determines corneal features and instantly reveals possible corneal conditions.

With worldwide operations headquartered in Gamagori, Japan, NIDEK is a global leader in eye care products for ophthalmology and optometry. With diversified clinical research and continual innovative development, an array of laser and optical scanning products are accessible that lead the way for improved diagnosis and treatments. The relentless commitment to customer satisfaction means NIDEK will diligently strive to continually exceed expectations.

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