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News 2010

NIDEK Released Three New Auto Lensmeters with UV function


-February 8, 2010, Gamagori, JAPAN -

LM-600P UV

Hideo OzawaNIDEK CO., LTD. has released three types of auto lensmeter with UV function: LM-600, LM-600P, and LM-600PD.

This UV function allows to measure the UV transmittance in percentage from 1 to 100 by 1 or 5% steps to show the quality of the lens in terms of UV transmittance. It also enables to compare two lenses of UV transmittance graphically between the new lenses and the currently used lenses. UV function was the limited and special function for high-end models. By expanding its function to LM-600 series, NIDEK will deliver further solutions to the auto lensmeters field. All of the other functions are taken over from the earlier LM-600 series.

Now, NIDEK has three lensmeter lineups, which are LM-1200: the high-end model, LM-600 series, LM-500: compact and economical model. Users are able to choose the best model to fit their needs from various models.

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