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News 2010

NIDEK’s Lex 1000 receives the "Pont d'Argent" award in France


-June 11, 2010, Gamagori, JAPAN -

NIDEK CO., LTD. is pleased to announce that NIDEK's lens edger, "Lex 1000", was awarded "Pont d'Argent" which is selected by a popularity vote of opticians of optical shops in France.

The award is brought by the French optical magazine "Inform'Optique" specializing glasses, conducting popularity vote by 700 opticians or more of optical shops biennially to select the winners, and only two products win the awards. This time, as a result of the vote, the Lex 1000 was awarded “Pont d'Argent” as the second best products. NIDEK won the award of popularity votes of “Inform’ Optique” three times in a row, the “Pont d'Argent” for the multifunction edger ME-1000 in 2006, and the first prize “Pont d'Or” for the Auto Ref / Keratometer ARK-530A in 2008.

"It is our great honor that NIDEK won this award three times in a row. This news is a proof that our products are highly evaluated by many customers in France for years. We continue to develop products which satisfy customers' needs and expectation," said Mr. Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of NIDEK.

The feature of Lex 1000 is the ability to process high base curve lenses*1, becoming popular for its fashionable looks. Moreover, it is possible to process complex drilling jobs automatically by working with Lex Drill. These technologies and flexibility was highly evaluated and well accepted by many customers around the world.

*1: High curve designed lens to fit the face shape well, used for sunglasses. It is fashionable, and shuts out the wind and pollen.

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