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News 2010

NIDEK's Me 1200 Lens Edger Wins 2010 "SILMO d'or" Award


-October 12, 2010, Gamagori, JAPAN -

NIDEK is proud to announce that its new Multifunction Lens Edger Me 1200 was awarded the prestigious "SILMO d'or" prize in the category of 'Optician Workshop' on September 23 rd at the 2010 SILMO Optical Trade Show held in Paris, France.

SILMO is one of the largest and most renowned international optics and eyewear trade shows. Created in 1994, the SILMO d'or award recognizes products that demonstrate innovation, technology and creativity in various categories. The Me 1200 represents the third consecutive SILMO d'or award that NIDEK has won, preceded by the OPD-Scan II in 2008 and the ARK-560A in 2009. Me 1200 will be exhibited at the Hong Kong Optical Fair 2010 from November 3rd to 5th.

"We are honored to have won this renowned prize for three consecutive years. The prizes strengthen our position as a world leader in the Ophthalmic and Optic industries," said Motoki Ozawa, President of NIDEK. "These awards confirm that our innovation, functionality, quality and design standards are widely valued. NIDEK strives to contribute to the improvement of worldwide eyecare through its innovative products."

The Me 1200 integrates a myriad of precision engineered functions which create elaborate lens designs of the highest quality. One of the unit's key functions is Step Beveling(*1), which processes high-curve lenses for wrap frames. In addition, the Me 1200 features automatic lens periphery calculation for processing the most challenging eyewear. Other functions include Hole Creation, 3D Grooving, Polishing and the ability to process all lens types for all frame styles. NIDEK will launch the Me 1200 sequentially to international market.

NIDEK is committed to delivering the delight of seeing, and the accurate and comfortable devices for lens processing to our customers.

*1 Step Beveling: the special processing for the highly curved lens such as sunglasses

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