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News 2010

NIDEK's Me 1200 won the "MTP GOLD Medal"at the OPTYKA 2010 in Poland


-December 28, 2010, Gamagori, JAPAN -

The president of our Poland distributor,
second from right, participating
in the award ceremony

NIDEK is proud to announce that its new Multifunction Lens Edger(*) Me 1200 was awarded the "MTP GOLD Medal" prize at the “OPTYKA 2010” Optical Trade Show held in Poznan, Poland from November 26 and 27. Me 1200 received international awards for the second time following “SILMO 2010” in France.

OPTYKA is the exhibition that is held in Poland every second year, and this is the second time. “MTP GOLD Medal” is an award for excellent eyeglass frames, lenses, and optic instruments. This year, the 5 products which includes Me 1200 are awarded the MTP GOLD Medal. NIDEK has won this award for the second consecutive year, after the “Lex 1000” in the first OPTYKA 2008.

Me 1200

“The news of this award pleased us and I am proud of receiving two international awards on Me 1200. This award is brought by its various functions, our technologies which developed measurement system of lens shapes and dimensions and so on.”, said Motoki Ozawa, President of NIDEK CO., LTD.

The Multifunction Edger has wide variety of functions for lens processing so that it is ranked as the top-of-the line model of our lens edger series. It has been highly commended since its release of the first model in the optical industry with its innovative functions such as ”Automatic 3D Drilling”, “Automatic 3D Grooving”, and so on.

Certificate of "MTP GOLD Medal"

Me 1200, which is the latest model, has new professional functions such as special edging for the highly curved lens of sunglasses, further to all existing functions. Additionally it realizes a more compact, more silent model, and it has higher operability for user friendliness.

*Note1: About the “Lens Edger” Lens Edger is a machine, which processes optic lenses into various shapes freely. It is usually set up in glasses shops. Also there are some models for massive production in a factory. Although lenses were used to be processed manually by trained technicians, today, almost all lenses can be processed automatically because of improvement of edgers. Especially, Multifunction Edger is highly evaluated with its “Automatic 3D Grooving function”, because grooving had been considered so difficult that it was impossible to computerize for years.

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