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News 2011

NIDEK released the Auto Lensmeter with high-speed measuring function "LM-1800PD/1800P"


-February 23, 2011, Gamagori, JAPAN -


NIDEK is pleased to announce the launch of its new auto lensmeter LM-1800PD/1800P on Tuesday, February 1st, 2011. This is the high-end model in the line-up of NIDEK lensmeters.

The auto lensmeter is used to measure the optical performance such as the lens’ refractive power, the axis, and so on at the eye clinics and optical shops. In order to correct our visual acuity by glasses that suit each eye condition, the accurate and reliable measurement result is required at any eye care facilities.

The LM-1800/1800P allows the measurement of lens characteristics in a moment with the measurement method by the Hartmann sensor with “the multiple area measurement of 108 points”.

The measurement speed has become faster by 2.5 times, compared to our conventional model. In addition, the progressive lens can be measured quickly, and the new mechanism of the lens table for near point greatly expands the measurement range. The operability and visibility has also improved by the 5.7-inch tiltable full color graphic LCD with touch panel.

NIDEK will continue to develop the products that meet customers’ needs.


*1: About “progressive lens”
The progressive lens is used for optic glasses called “borderless varifocal glasses”. The part of lens for distance is in the upper area of lens, and the part for near vision is in the lower area. Nowadays, there are some lens varieties: progressive power lens for distance/ near vision using in dairy, progressive power lens for middle/ near vision using indoors, progressive power lens for near/ near vision using for seeing computer monitors.

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