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News 2013

NIDEK's ARK-1s, received the prize of "Silmo d'Or"


- October 3, 2013, Gamagori, JAPAN -

NIDEK's ARK-1s, received the prize of "Silmo d'Or"

NIDEK CO., LTD. is pleased to announce that the Auto Ref/Keratometer ARK-1s was awarded the prize of "Silmo d'Or" in Silmo 2013, held in Paris, France from September 26 to 29.
This is the fourth time for NIDEK to receive Silmo d'Or, following OPD-Scan ll in 2008, ARK-560A in 2009 and Me 1200 in 2010.

"We are honored to have won this renowned prize of Silmo d'Or for four times and proud that our ARK-1s, the most recent flagship product was awarded." said Motoki Ozawa, President and CEO of NIDEK. This honored fourth time prize gave us an absolute confident that our products are highly evaluated in the world. We will continually make a commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly products for people all over the world.

Silmo is one of the largest international optics and eyewear trade-show, and about 30,000 visitors attend from all over the world every year. The award " Silmo d'Or " is given to the best product of eyeglass frames, optical lenses and eye examination instruments.

ARK-1s Products Information
Auto Ref/Keratometer ARK-1s has two unique functions for subjective measurement. One is "Recall Function for Vision Comparison", which can provide a comparison between current and corrected visual acuity. The other is "Unique Visual Acuity Measurement", which enables quick examination of patient's refractive error by comparing with subjective and objective measurement. These functions provide easier consultation to patients for explaining their eye condition and the most suitable optical lenses. In addition, ARK-1s enables you to examine the opacity of the crystalline and vitreous body and to examine accommodation.

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