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News 2014

NIDEK launches Retina Scan Duo Optical Coherence Tomography


-December 19, 2014, Gamagori, JAPAN -

NIDEK CO., LTD., a global leader in the design, manufacturing, and distribution of ophthalmic, optometric, and lens edging equipment, will launch the Retina Scan Duo™ Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) with a high definition OCT and fundus camera in one compact system in January 2015.

The Retina Scan Duo™ is a combined OCT and fundus camera system that is a user friendly and versatile unit providing high definition images and value added features.

The NIDEK 3-D auto tracking, auto shot, and user friendly interface allow rapid and easy image capturing. Once alignment is completed, both the OCT and color fundus images can be captured in a single shot. Standard and professional modes are selectable based on clinician preference increasing the versatility of this unit.

For OCT imaging, up to 50 images can be averaged and the OCT sensitivity is selectable in the Retina Scan Duo™. These features result is high definition OCT images that present pathology in exquisite detail. A 12 x 9 mm wide area image centered on the macula can be captured with the Retina Scan Duo™. A 9 x 9 mm normative database provides a color-coded map indicating distribution range of the patient's macular thickness in a population of normal eyes. The fundus camera features of the Retina Scan Duo™ include a built-in 12-megapixel CCD camera, producing high quality fundus images.

Additional value added features include fundus autofluorescence (FAF) and En face OCT functions which allow the practitioner to stay a step ahead of current standards.

Product / Model name: Optical Coherence Tomography RS-330

For further information contact:
Public Relations, Planning Dept.
Email: info@nidek.co.jp

NOTE: The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of regulatory approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.