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News 2017

NIDEK launches the NAVEX Quest M2 NIDEK Advanced Vision Excimer Laser System


-April 17, 2017, Gamagori, JAPAN -

NIDEK CO., LTD. a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of ophthalmic, optometric, and lens edging equipment, is pleased to announce the launch of the NAVEX Quest M2 NIDEK Advanced Vision Excimer Laser System.

The NAVEX Quest M2 is a unique combination of technologies - incorporating the Quest M2 excimer laser system,the OPD-Scan III whole eye aberrometer and corneal topographer, and the Final Fit™ software - that offers state-of-the-art technologies, superior engineering, excellent workmanship, and outstanding clinical outcomes.

The redesigned Quest M2 includes a 1 kHz Eye Tracking System (ETS) to compensate for eye movements and ensures accurate delivery of the laser pulses during treatment. The Torsion Error Correction (TEC) detects and compensates for cyclotorsion to improve the accuracy of cylinder correction and ensures accurate delivery of MultiPoint™ ablation for correcting specific high-order aberrations. A motorized magnification control allows the surgeon to easily toggle between magnifications using a switch on the controller. MultiPoint™ ablation is approximately three times faster* compared to the previous Quest model. Super flex scan, a unique slit scanning ablation profile, allows treatment of a specific group of aberrations or even individual higher order aberrations with MultiPoint™ ablation.
*data on file

The OPD-Scan III provides information on wavefront aberrometry, corneal topography, refraction, keratometry, and pupillometry in one unit, offering highly accurate and reliable data for clinical diagnostics.

The Final Fit™ software uses OPD-Scan III data, and performs a simulation of postoperative corneal shape, and generates excimer laser shot data. This is comprehensive surgical treatment planning tool that provides a variety of options to maximize treatment outcomes.

By incorporating these innovative technologies in one platform, the NAVEX Quest M2 provides all the tools necessary for Topography guided / Wavefront guided refractive surgery and therapeutic procedures to optimize visual outcomes.

Product / Model name: Excimer Laser Corneal Surgery System EC-5000CXⅢ

For further information contact:
International Planning Dept.,
Email: info@nidek.co.jp

NOTE: The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of regulatory approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.