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News 2017

NIDEK’s Me1200 and HandyRef-K won the "Ponts d’Or" award in France


NIDEK Staff in France holding "Ponts d'Or" trophies

NIDEK is proud to announce that our Multifunction Lens Edger Me 1200 and Handheld Ref / Keratometer HandyRef-K won the "Ponts d'Or", which is awarded by a popularity vote of opticians of optical shops in France.

This award is organized by the French major optical magazine "Inform'Optique", and divided into 18 categories including eyeglass frames, eyeglass lenses, contact lenses, and instruments. The popularity vote is conducted biennially, and in 2017, The Me 1200 won the greatest number of the vote in the "Best Workshop Instrument" category and the HandyRef-K in the "Best Measuring Instrument" category. NIDEK has won the award offered every two years five times in a row from 2006. The Me 1200 took top honors in 2017 after the previous award in 2014, when it won the second prize "Ponts d'argent." (*1)

The Multifunction Edger has a wide variety of functions for lens processing ranking it as the top-of-the line model in our lens edger series. It has been highly commended since its release in the optical industry thanks to its innovative functions such as”Automatic 3D Drilling”, “Automatic 3D Grooving”, and so on. The Me 1200, which is the latest model, has new professional functions such as special edging for the highly curved lenses of sunglasses, building on its all existing functions.

The Handheld Ref / Keratometer is the portable solution for refraction and keratometry measurements, and featuring a lightweight and compact design. It's convenient portability allows measurement in any environment such as a home or nursing home. It also offers easier measurement for children who are reluctant to put their face on a stand-type instrument.

We consider this award a proof that our products are highly valued by our customers in Europe. We will continue to develop products that meet the needs of the times and reflect our global customers' voices.

(*1) For a reason of the organizer’s circumstances, the award was held in 2017 instead of 2016.