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News 2018

NIDEK launched an overseas affiliated company in Korea


 NIDEK CO., LTD. announced that it has launched “NIDEK KOREA CO., LTD.”, an affiliated regulatory affairs license management company in Seoul, Korea on March 6, 2018.

 In Korea, regulatory affairs for medical devices are complicated, and changes are made frequently. We will build a foundation to further distribute NIDEK products by quickly identifying the trends of regulatory affairs and further strengthen the license management related to medical devices through the new company.

 NIDEK will continue to grasp the situation of each country and strive to provide products which meet customer requirements promptly and flexibly.

The building housing the affiliated company

【General Information of NIDEK KOREA CO., LTD】

Established dateMarch 6, 2018
Initiated dateMarch 10, 2018
Company nameNIDEK KOREA CO., LTD.