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Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry
Standard AR Coating

Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry
  • Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry

Reduce the reflection of light and achieve the high transmittance


  • The anti reflection coating by vacuum evaporation coating machine
  • Maximum coating size is 1,000 mm x 600 mm. (* Depending on kinds of substrate, the size will be changed.)
  • Applicable to plastics such as PMMA, PC, and PET
  • Optical properties can be designed according to the requirements from customers.
  • NIDEK has the biggest production capability by the larger size vacuum evaporation coating machine in the filed of thin film applications.

Detailed Information

Reflectance for single side coating



Ref. Front panel for medical monitor


The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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