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Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry
High Grade AR Coating

Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry
  • Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry

This coating has the highest level on durability in the field of thin film applications.


  • This anti reflection coating has high durability against UV and salt water spray, and suitable for the usage which requires higher specification, such as marine electronics and automotives.
  • Applicable to PMMA substrates
  • Maximum coating size is 500 mm x 385 mm.

Detailed Information

Test result for physical properties

Xenon UV resistivity test

Test conditionLight source : Xenon long life arc lamp 2.5 kW
Temperature : Ambient temperature +15 to 60 degrees C 3 degrees C
Humidity : approx. 35 - 70%RH 5%RH
*Temperature of black panel is 63 degrees C.
Rotary frame : approx. 3 rpm
Applicable wavelength range : 300 - 700 nm
Ref. *Measured substrate : Mitsubishi Rayon MR-200
Result1000 hours - Contact angle : 108 degrees / Adhesion : passed

Salt water spray test

Test condition28 days (5 wt% salt water density) Standard : JIS Z2371
Ref. *Measured substrate : Mitsubishi Rayon MR-200
ResultLequa-Dry StandardLequa-Dry High Grade
The surface is corroded by salt water.No corrosion by high performance of salt water resistivity



Front panel of LCD such as meter panel, navigation system or TV for automotive


Fish finder

The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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