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Coating Technical Introduction

Coating Method

Introduce our coating technology simply. These coatings are applicable to plastics, glasses, etc., wide range of substrates. Please consider applying our coatings on your own products.

Vacuum Evaporation Method

Principle of Vacuum Evaporation

It is the same image that waterdrop is stuck on a lid when water in a pot is heated.
The phenomenon that water vapor is stuck is applied to the technology of vacuum evaporation.
If the coating material were heated and vaporized by electric gun etc., the air would block the vaporized coating material from reaching to substrate.
To apply the vaporized coating material on substrate, the coating material is vaporized in the vacuum environment, and it is the vacuum evaporation method.
Our products, Lequa-Dry and RefColor are applied by vacuum evaporation method.


Wet Coating Method

Principle of Wet Coating Method

Apply coating material on the surface of substrate with the exclusive nozzle.
Our products, Lequa-Wet is applied by Wet method.


Product Infomation

Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Wet
Wet AR Coating
*The picture on the right is our coating machine of Wet method.

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