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Coating Technical Introduction

Coating Type

Introduce our coating technology simply. These coatings are applicable to plastics, glasses, etc., wide range of substrates. Please consider applying our coatings on your own products.

Anti Reflection Coating (AR Coating)

Principle of Anti Reflection Coating

Anti Reflection Coating is called as “AR Coating”.
It is the coating to reduce the reflection upon surface of plastic and glass by interference* of lights.
The suitable coating to each substrate and the customized coating to meet the requirement from customers are available.
*interference : phenomenon that light wave is enhanced and reduced each other by overlapping.



Product Information

Anti Reflection Coating Lequa-Dry
Standard AR Coating
High Grade AR Coating

Dielectric Mirror Coating

Principal of Dielectric Mirror Coating

Mirror coating applies the light interference as in Anti Reflection coating.
Dielectric mirror coating can achieve the shinny texture by amplifying the light reflection by overlapping of light waves, whereas anti reflection coating has effect to reduce the reflection by offsetting the light waves.


Characteristic of Dielectric Mirror Coating

Dielectric mirror coating can realize the shiny texture on various colors by controlling the coating layers and thickness of each layer.

As one of the characteristics, our coating does not cause radio disturbance by going through the radiowave and electromagnetic wave differently from metal coating. Recently the mobile wireless communication devices are diversified. In addition to the mobile phone function, various functions such as e-mail, electronic money, GPS, infrared communication and wireless LAN system are incorporated, and all of those functions use radiowave and electromagnetic wave. Dielectric mirror coating which does not cause the radio disturbance is suitable for mobile wireless system.


Product Information

Decorative Coating RefColor
RefColor Decorative Mirror

Transfer Tinting

What is the Transfer Tinting?

Transfer tinting is our original technology patented by NIDEK.
Design the required image and color freely by personal computer and print them on the exclusive transfer paper with exclusive dyes. On heating the substrate and transfer paper in transfer tinting machine, the dyes on transfer paper are sublimated onto the substrate, and the image and color are finally realized on the substrate.

Product Information

Decorative Coating RefColor
RefColor Transmissive Tinting

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