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Lens Edging

System Dry Edger
Xtrimer SE-1

System Dry Edger
Xtrimer SE-1
  • System Dry Edger
Xtrimer SE-1


  • Astonishing speed and “3-D-fit”
  • Multiple-shape capability
  • Intuitive screen design and high resolution graphics

Detailed Information


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Product Introduction

Product Installation

Astonishing speed and “3-D-fit”

The 5-axis engineering design, combined with a specialized high-speed motor, maximizes throughput efficiency. Our true “3-D-fit” technology is complemented by a new interlocking mechanical cutting method which vastly increases the first-time-fit ratio.

Multiple-shape capability

Incorporating individual processing tools, the Xtrimer SE-1 expedites the roughing process on all organic lens materials, including Trivex and Polycarbonate. The unit completes the 3-D cutting cycle and is capable of making "tiltable bevel profiles" (inclined bevels) and drilling a multitude of difficult shapes, all while providing an uncompromised finished lens.

Intuitive screen design and high resolution graphics

Job data and grinding condition settings are displayed in high-resolution graphics on the large, color LCD touch screen for easy job verification. Designed to be extremely user-friendly, the Xtrimer SE-1 allows the operator to achieve accurate, reliable, and flexible performance with the simple touch of the screen.

The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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