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Lens Edging

Patternless Edger

Patternless Edger 
  • Patternless Edger 


  • Multiple lens edging profiles
    - High base curve lens processing
    - Multi bevel function
    - Mini step beveling function
  • Soft grinding mode
  • New multiple-frame tracer
  • Automatic drilling unit (optional)

Detailed Information

Multiple lens edging profiles

Unique and specialized lens edge profiles favorable with all current types of frames, such as high-wrap and shallow groove rims, deliver a high-quality “first-cut” fit.

High base curve lens processing

Special wheel design, in conjunction with patented software, provides a wide variety of lens edging to fit various frame shapes and styles. (The software is patented in limited countries.)

Multi bevel function

A multitude of highly-customizable bevel shapes are available to meet today’s challenging frame eyewires.

Mini step beveling function

Highly specialized step bevel function is able to grind an asymmetrical shelf-style rear bevel with excellent lens-to-frame fit for those “non-Rx-able” eyewear.

Soft grinding mode

A gentler processing mode keeps hydrophobic coated lenses perfectly on axis.

New multiple-frame tracer

New tracer provides accurate measurement of a wide array of frames including high-wrap style.


Automatic drilling unit (optional)

Add-on “side car” Lex Drill provides automatic drilling of various hole types. Its slim, compact shape makes it an easy fit for any lab size.




The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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