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Ophthalmology & Optometry

Optical Coherence Tomography
RS-3000 Lite

Optical Coherence Tomography
  • Optical Coherence Tomography


  • The OCT for general screening
  • OCT phase fundus for fundus surface imaging
  • Wide area scan (9 x 9 mm)
  • High-speed scan (Max. 53,000 A-scans/s)
  • Multifunctional follow-up
  • Customised report

Detailed Information

The OCT for general screening

The RS-3000 Lite achieves the optimum balance between cost and performance with its fundus surface imaging system. It has been developed for screening in general eye clinics.

OCT phase fundus for fundus surface imaging

The RS-3000 Lite utilizes a different method - the OCT phase fundus - in place of SLO to image the surface of the fundus.


Wide area scan (9 x 9 mm)

The 9 x 9 mm wide area map enables analysis of [NFL+GCL+IPL] status in and around macula, around optic disc, and even in the peripheral area.

*The [NFL+GCL+IPL] are layers composed of Nerve Fiber Layer (NFL), Ganglion Cell Layer (GCL), and Inner Plexiform Layer (IPL).


High-speed scan (Max. 53,000 A-scans/s)

The high-speed scan (Max. 53,000 A-scans/s) and high-speed averaging (Max. 50 images) achieve high-definition B-scan image.

Multifunctional follow-up

The multifunctional follow-up allows analysis of all the data obtained with the OCT and detailed observation of choronological change in retinal thickness and status. This function displays progression of pathology over time. The comparison mode displays two images selected by the user.


Progression display


Comparison display

Customized report

The layout of the reports can be customized and the data from separate reports of each scan pattern can be summarized in a single report to avoid printing multiple pages.


Comparison between RS-3000 Advance 2 and RS-3000 Lite

ModelRS-3000 Advance 2RS-3000 Lite
Fundus surface imagingSLO (12 fps frame rate)
40° x 30° angle of view
OCT phase fundus (1.8 fps frame rate)
36° x 30° angle of view
Scan speedUp to 85,000 A-scans/sUp to 53,000 A-scans/s
OCT sensitivityRegular, Fine, Ultra fineRegular, Fine
Normative database area9 mm x 9 mm (macula)
6 mm x 6 mm (disc)
Long axial length normative database9 mm x 9 mm (macula)
OCT-Angiography (optional)AvailableNot available
Scan pattern (retina)Macula line (scan angle changeable by 1°)
Macula cross(with cross scan / without cross scan)
Macula map
Macula multi (X-Y: 5 x 5)
Macula radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
Disc circle
Disc map
Disc radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
Macula line (scan angle changeable by 15°)
Macula map
Macula multi (X-Y: 5 x 5)
Disc map
Scan pattern (cornea) with
optional anterior segment module
Cornea line
Cornea cross
Cornea radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
ACA line
Cornea radial (6 lines / 12 lines)
ACA line
Image averagingMax. 120 imagesMax. 50 images
Choroidal modeAvailableNot available
Torsion eye tracerAvailableNot available
Follow-up tracingAvailableNot available
Follow-up analysisAvailable
Tracing HD plusAvailableNot available
HD checkerAvailableNot available
Flexible cross scanAvailableNot available
Select and rescan modeAvailableNot available
Auto shot
(for follow-up image capture)
AvailableNot available
Internal fixation targetCross shape (laser)Circle shape (LED)
PC monitor21"17"

The availability of the products differs from country to country depending on the status of approval in each country. Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

Product / Model name Optical Coherence Tomography RS-3000 Lite

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