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Ophthalmology & Optometry

Software for RS series
Long Axial Length Normative Database

Software for RS series
  • Software for RS series


  • Optional software for use with the RS series
  • Assistance in diagnosing macular diseases and glaucoma
  • Data from Asian cases

Detailed Information

Data from Asian cases

Data were collected from Asian cases by measuring the macular area in 3-D to obtain retinal thickness values, such as full retinal and [NFL+GCL+IPL] thickness, which is important for the diagnosis of macular diseases and glaucoma.

Sample analysis of a patient with long axial length

Comparison of normative database and long axial length normative database

ModelNormative databaseLong axial length normative database
Axial lengthLess than 26 mm26 mm and longer to less than 29 mm
Age20 years and older and less than 80 years20 years and older and less than 60 years
RaceAsian, CaucasianAsian
Scan patternMacula map X-Y / Y-X
Disc map X-Y / Y-X
Disc circle
Macula map X-Y / Y-X

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